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Becoming A Member

Rolling Meadows Cooperative is dedicated to preserving housing at affordable rates. Persons who agree to the Corporation’s Regulatory Agreement and who meet the screening qualifications defined by the Corporation’s Board of Directors may apply for membership. Becoming a member is simple. Qualified persons just need to follow these easy steps to become a member:
STEP 1: 

Complete the application form provided by the Corporation.


Choose a Cooperative home type.


When your preferred Cooperative home is available, you will be notified.


You pay the equity value (sale price)* plus a one-time membership fee and the first month’s Monthly Housing Charge. You will also sign an Occupancy Agreement and receive a Membership Share Certificate.

Family At Church

Home financing is available to assist members with equity down payment. Some share loan money may be available through the Corporation. The Corporation’s professional management company will help you through each step of the process. Please ask if you need assistance.

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